Guild Wars 2 is a new anticipated sequel which according to retailers will break a whole new sales record. If you do not know, the initial Guild Wars series has sold millions of units worldwide in fact over 6 millions.

Guild Wars 2 will take us 250 years into the future where we are able to see the world of Tyria completely redeveloped. As you expected your choices and actions will customize the surrounding environment and because of that the game (“igre“) becomes pretty intense and personal.

Write your own story in Guild Wars 2 and follow the quests storyline as it evolves out of your choices. Among additional features you will find new depths and character customisation available which you could decide among five powerful professions and five races: humans, charr, sylvari, norn and asura.

In order to achieve a map (“igre“) completion you will see required additional vistas, see it as jumping puzzles. An icon will be floating above in mid-air and your task will be to figure getting up there.

As you well know Guild Wars 2 gives players different moves when you are in varies environments like water. Fighting underwater will probably be hard but really cool and you will have some quests available under water.

GW2 will seem a bit overwhelming at first but that isn’t an excuse not to jump straight to it and acquire both hands busy.

Those who prefer to explore can have something to complete as well. At release you will have over 200 various shades readily available for players to locate from drops. They are going to drop from certain special creatures and possess different chances of unlocking certain colors.

Players are able to move between different servers for a time at the release of the game so that they’ll have a chance to play with their friends. Also developers announced that you will see new content added each month so players will have plenty to do(»download spiele«).