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Tag: gaming

I am certain I am not the only one who remembers when the Atari 2600 first came available back in 1977. I am in addition sure that individuals that are old enough can remember the pong game which came out before the Atari 2600. In those days the Atari 2600 was the top of the line gaming console and every person wanted one, and just about every person got one. On This Page we are checking out the Atari Paddle Controller with 13 TV games, which will help people re-live their fond memories of the Atari 2600.

There was some games that you could get for your Atari which you could only play if you had the actual paddles for that console. A number of you may possibly not remember the paddles all that well simply because they were not sold with the console originally, it was something you had to invest in afterward. It wasn’t until years later when the Atari began being sold with the paddles when you bought the particular console. Obviously when individuals got the paddles many of the home games that required the paddles found themselves being a few of Atari’s most popular games.

Because of this Atari chose to release a plug and play paddle controller game that includes 13 of the more popular paddle games. It is extremely easy to hook this up to virtually any TV using the RCA input jacks that you’ll find in virtually any TV nowadays. Obviously if you have a TV that is more than 10 years old there is the chance that your TV does not have these inputs, of course, if that is the case you will not have the ability to use this new product. Now to be honest there are very few individuals around that still have a really old TV so this is not really going to be a problem for many people.

This gaming console comes with, Video Olympics, Pong, Circus Atari and Street racer along with a lot of various other games. One of the games that is not bundled in this system is Kaboom, and this was actually one of the most popular paddle games that was ever released. I think it was a huge mistake that Atari made by not including this immensely popular game, but the other games that are included with this system are great games. Obviously you’ll find that this new release of the Atari games isn’t going to cost anywhere near the $200 the Atari 2600 first sold for.

You can actually get this product for only $4.92 if you wind up buying this system from Amazon. You will in fact be saving over five dollars simply by ordering this from Amazon as opposed to paying retail for this unit. You will have the ability to play a lot of of your favorite paddle games with this one little little unit. You might also realize that this is actually a great little gift for anyone who grew up back in the eighties. For me personally there is no comparison to a good quality Bingo game!

How To Have Fun With Online Gaming

Computer games are still extremely popular but creators of these clever games have to be mindful that users are becoming more and more adept at forward thinking and, in some instances they are starting to be able to outmanoeuvre the onscreen characters.


Angry Birds Online is still a relatively new game with it first being released in December 2009. Since that time there have been several variations based around the original game. The aim of the game is to get rid of the pigs that have stolen the birds’ eggs. You will find the pigs hiding in the game and they can usually be found in structures which have been made out of things like wood, stone and ice. All the pigs in each level must be destroyed with the angry birds or you won’t be able to move on to the next level; you can hit the pigs with the birds by firing them from a slingshot. You won’t always have to hit the pig directly because the pig will also be destroyed if the structure falls on it. The birds that you get for each level is predetermined and some of them have special powers.


Playing Angry Birds Online is quite addictive, and is also amusing. There are a number of different birds available to play with but you will be introduced to them as you move up through the levels. The basic bird available at the start of the game is red but as the game proceeds other birds join in. The other birds tend to have special abilities which will make it easier for you to destroy the pigs. Some of the birds include the blue bird which can split into three, the black bird which can explode and the white bird which will release exploding eggs. The pigs come in different sizes but you can use any bird against them. The player can’t move on to the next level until each one has been successfully completed however they can be attempted as many times as necessary to achieve a positive result.

How People Can Benefit From Playing Online Games

One of the first things to go as we get older is our memory. Over the past few years there have been a selection of online games which have been designed specifically to stimulate the brain and to encourage a quicker response time.


A lot of us tend to sit in front on the television and just nod off while the programme drones on. Although it would be a better idea to do something else to occupy their time such as reading a good book, doing a crossword puzzle or playing a game on the computer.


Sudoku is what I use to keep busy but my husband is still a big fan of Donkey Kong; however, my sister is a huge fan of playing Angry Birds online. When it comes to free time, it is up to you to spend it how you wish but doing nothing all day long will mean you get into a vegetative state and it is hard to come back from that.


Gambling is not something that I would actively encourage because of how it can have a disastrous affect on the life of some people. But computer games are not the same as online gambling and are actually a great way to help people relax after a long day at work or in the home.


When it comes to how you spend your free time, it is up to you what you do with it and if angry birds online or another computer game takes your fancy, go for it you never know, you may just enjoy it!