If you like to play games like diner dash or any other micromanagement games in which you are expected to perform multiple tasks simultaneously then you will love to download a latest game (“igre“) which is in service style with a health-related twist known as Fever Frenzy game. Fever Frenzy is one of the best doctor games available in the world of PC games. The concept of game is not new but Fever Frenzy is humorous and entertaining game having challenging levels which takes place in different variety of kind of hospital environment. Each medical center environment will have some various theme. Initially you need to decide on gender of your player, either male or feminine doctor. Your primary goal is to cure as many patients as probable. Patients are impatient and difficult to handle. You need minimum number of points to finish each level of the game.

There are several advantages of this game. Fever Frenzy is a humorous and entertaining diner dash type of game. You can also purchase upgrades of this game very easily through online stores. There are several levels which are challenging enough to maintain player’s interest in the game. As a doctor you need to deal with down patients of different age, mood and gender possessing different several varieties of health-related difficulties. This enhances the fun of the game. Developers had kept one thing in mind that at any point player shouldn’t feel bored and to accomplish that they have designed various medical environment in the game. Graphics and sound effect of the game is simply excellent and it increases player’s interest in the game. The game (“igre“) is very addictive and already a hit among several real life doctors. Controls used in the game are very simple and one can easily understand the concept of the game within few minutes.

It is very difficult to spot drawbacks of this game, but as you know, absolutely nothing in this world is great. The first thing which may make player uncomfortable is that you cannot rebegin any level; you need to go back and start out everything from the scuff. It has only one game mode obtainable which makes things small boring but once you get interest in the game then you will forget about this drawback. The most significant flaw in the game is that it is diner dash having doctors in it. But it is best for doctors who typically get bored in the clinic and can enjoy this game in free time.

Fever Frenzy game is a very good game and albeit derivative. The concept of the game is not new but entertainment quotient of the game is really high. It is one of the best and one of the most humorous doctor games which anyone can find in the market or online. The challenging levels of the game and need of micromanagement skills make this game more entertaining. So to conclude this review about Fever Frenzy game, I can confidently say that, once you start off playing you will get addicted to this game.