GAMMA posseses an official historical highest p4p rankings of the fighters since 2009 in the event it began. GAMMA is often a virtual MMA organization which books fights between virtual fighters in With over 200 new users, it is probably the largest virtual MMA orgs on the globe at this time. Listed below are our in history highest p4p ranking fighters with the dates they achived these ranks:

Highest P4P Ranking

2011-11-19 Jeremy Tonal p4p #1 (Held for 180 days / 7 fights)

2012-06-23 Anton Chigurh p4p #1 (Held for 25 days / fights)

2012-05-19 William Mackenzie King p4p #6

2011-12-31 Trent Pope p4p #14

2011-02-13 Raz Matazz p4p #18

2010-12-20 Mikhail Yudovich p4p #22

2011-06-10 Alan Bundy p4p#29

2010-09-06 Alexander Khalifman p4p#31

2011-04-04 Bubba Clem p4p #48

2010-09-11 Chris Webster p4p #56

2012-09-29 Jamie Gillis p4p #62

2011-05-07 Bill Hickok p4p #63

2010-10-10 Sammy Stone p4p #66

2010-07-18 Hendo Han p4p #68

2012-02-05 Karl Denke p4p #69

2011-02-06 Marius Metropolis p4p #79

2012-02-12 Mahmoud Denjat p4p #85

2011-05-21 Yuudai Ryuu p4p #97

2011-01-02 Keith Jones p4p #99

Without a lot of dount the best ever GAMMA fighter must be Jeremy Tonal. His reign because best fighter in MMATycoon is unmatched within the game then or ever since then. He’d 15 consecutive wins over top 20 p4p fighters and in many cases as he lost his fight against William Mckenzie King, he used to be ranked top ten p4p!!!

Anton Chigurh is ranked since the the second best in history and like his precedecor Jeremy Tonal dominated the 265lbs division for much of 2012 until he lost a battle against Bantrell (an upset loss). Anton remains to be in the top players p4p and intends to become the first ever fighter to regain the very best ranking spot.

Dispite being ranked #5 in our rankings, Raz Matazz has become the 3rd best fighter to compete in GAMMA. He spent all his time being a GAMMA fighter back in the times when GAMMA used to be a growing organization. He is historical top in wins, KOs and 2nd simply to Jack Burton altogether fights.

GAMMA can be a virtual Mixed martial arts organization formed last year from the founder of the Guru Order online community and the online with free streaming city building game Lord Empires. You are able to talk to Mentor directly either by email at or in game through Lord Empires.