Online scratch card is one of the most exciting online casino games that give heaps of opportunities of winning fantastic prizes. Many online game sites offer different categories and themes of scratch card games like fantasy, sport and classic casino for additional entertainment. One good example is the Horoscope Scratch card. Horoscope Scratchcard is a simple, easy and amusing scratch card online game. It is the first 3D scratch card in a series of next generation branded series of winnings scratch card games. It is also a multi scratch card featuring twelve different designs in greatly modern 3D animations, one for each zodiac sign. It is available in different languages and different currencies with a top prize of two hundred thousand currency units.

In this game, you can select your astrological sign or any sign you feel you will be lucky with and play with one of the twelve designs for the game. Once decided, you get a chance to play on one to four cards all at the same time. Each card consists of five scratch panels. You also get the chance to reveal the prize amount that is hidden underneath each card. These features represent the chances for you to match the zodiac signs. The aim of Horoscope Scratchcard is for you to match three identical signs out of five per card. If you happen to get three of those signs across one scratch panel, you win the game and you will get the amount of prize indicated on each card. This also gives you the chance of winning up to two hundred thousand pounds. If you want to play games for money and for fun and further increase your bankroll, you can change your symbol and move on to a new sign. It doesn’t make a difference which star sign you choose since the instant cash prizes apply to all.

The game also provides cool feature which allows you to see and read the daily updated horoscope for each sign and enjoy technologically advanced 3D graphics winning animations and sound effects. This means that when you play games for money using this game, you will be treated to great excitement and prizes. Horoscope scratch card is intended for everyone particularly the Astrology fanatics.