You start out as a young woman called Samantha who’s getting set to go into the jewellery crafting and selling business along with her grandfather. She’s a competent young designer who is just about to pass her Jewel-Designer degree. Her grandfather, also a passionate jewelry designer, runs a smaller jewelry store on his own and thought Samantha the basics skills of design since her start.

Your career will be designing the most amazing jewelry, serve your clients quickly and turn your Jewel Shop in to a glittering success. Of course you will need to assemble your merchandise and dole them out to the consumer as fast as possible. To begin with there’s no need to panic, stay calm and make use of your multitasking skills to end orders as quickly as possible, keep the treasured customers happy and improve your business. Become familiar with to cut gems, create earrings, necklaces and bracelets matching our prime expectations of demanding customers spending a lot of money!

In order to make any product in Youda Jewel Shop you’ll have to combine two or more ingredients. For example to produce a ring you’ll want to select the ring’s base, then add the number and color of pearls as ordered by customer. To produce a necklace, you need to pick a silver chain, then garnish it with asked-for mixtures of emeralds and rubies.

When you continue your work orders are more sofisticated as well as your customers become less patient. You should print cards, engrave silver medallions, paint bracelets, embed jewels into wooden bases, and even more. Every bit of advanced jewelry takes a lot of time to craft, and you’ll want to remember that whenever you are filling customers’ orders. Time management downloadable games such as this one might be pretty fun.

Casual games of this type have always had a twist, Youda Jewel Shop isn’t any different. It’s not only about business and work. You’ll have to care for other specific issues like thieves that try and rob your shop and blackouts. If well done, you happen to be awarded with bonus powers. The gameplay isn’t that hard and also you quickly get hang of it. The characters are somewhat odd but that just helps make the game more fun. After you mastered the basic techniques of jewelry design, Samantha and also you carry on the journey of your lifetime. You will come across ‘The Russian’ in the dark and the mystical ‘Zen Lady’. It’s a long way to glory .. the question is could you win the races in the Queen’s Palace as well as the jewelry – ‘Designer of the Year’ award?

Prepare yourself to shine like a true jewelry designer in this gorgeous gem: Youda Jewel Shop! Also check other games downloadable.