In GW2, the Elementalist is just like any mage coming from different MMORPGs. You really should play this class whenever you want to recover your allies and destroy your opponents by casting effective spells towards them.

Elementalists are also capable to use all the fire, water, air and earth abilities. This will allow the player, as an example to focus fire damage and make use of water based attunement as a defensive skill at the same time.

If you really enjoy a spell caster Profession and a large amount of Ability Option, then a Elementalist is the Class you will have the most fun with.
While reading through this kind of Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Guide you are about to get a lot more informations in regards to the Elementalist Game play.


Gameplay of a Elementalist

As i stated before, by playing an Elementalist you have the ability to switch through all of the 4 Elements which will give you a lot of overall flexibility in Battle; earth (for assistance and defense), air (for spike damage and movement), water (for recovery and support) and fire (for straight damage).

They can switch these elements depending on their scenario in battle..

Basically, an Elementalist’s abilities are based on exactly where they are and what kind of weapon they tend to use. Attunement can be changed while being in combat and also outside of combat. However, the combo used by a person is primarily based on it’s special playing style.

It’s also necessary to understand that Elementalists in GW2 possess the skill to make use of Auras, Cantrips, Conjure skills, Arcane skills and Glyphs. So, what’s that? ? Well, Cantrips for example provide a few more suvivablity to the Elementalist.

It will get the Elementalist outside of the Stunned state and also add some longer lasting effects when they are in a fight In our Guild Wars 2 Elementalist Guide we have a look at even more Skills that can be used by the Gamer.

Auras, the next one in the list, are actually magical protects which surround the Elementalist. A enemy which hits the Aura protecting the Elementalist is going to have its power decreased.

Arcane skills could be defined as quick cast spells on enemies. These types of spells usually tend to deal critical damage, with the exception of the Arcane Shield, which can be designed for blocking enemy attacks and which blows up immediately after its been hit Three times in a row.

Conjure skills represent weapons and items summoned by an Elementalist and his allies. Do not forget that every connjured weapon has its very own skill bar.

Last but not least, Glyphs are recommended to enhance the Elementalist skills. They can also generally be used for attunement based spells.

Equipment of the Elementalist

In Guild Wars 2 the Elementalist can only equip light-weight armor along the game, but this allows him to make use of better movement and speed skills. Keep in mind that the Elementalist has only limited access to various weapons.

A Elementalist can equip 5 various weapons per total. However, by including the Four different attunements, the Elementalist has 20 different “weapon sets” available to make use of.

On their off-hand, a staff or dagger is often used, while their main hand will allow equipping a dagger, staff or scepter.

Equipped Weapon’s might also influence your very own playing style, so its important to find out which one to use.

To provide an example, it’s a wise decision to use a staff simply when you don’t need to cover a big spot of enemies. Daggers as an alternative are great in 1-on-1 combat.

Remember that there is certainly no right or wrong weapon Set to select. It’s completely up to you which of them to work with, based on your playing style and battle situation.


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