The Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts (GAMMA abbreviated), is a virtual No Holds Barred Combat (MMA) organization based on the online game called MMA Tycoon.

In MMA Tycoon, you be able to create fighters, manage and train them, own various companies such as organizations exactly like the UFC or strikeforce, clothes or nutrition companies among others.

GAMMA was founded on the 29th of May 2009, which makes it among the oldest organizations in the game. Over its glorious history it’s got held multiple records including holding 3rd place for total events held, total fights offers plus held the first position for the largest organization in total fighters signed, in case you include the fighters in our feeder league.

GAMMA is located in Nevada, Nevada which is the capital of MMA Tycoon. Las Vegas has got the biggest accumulation of fighters, managers, organizations and gyms, so getting reasonable salaries, lots of fight options and good training is very little problem.

Besides the main roster, we all run GAMMA: Contenders, a smaller feeder organization resides in Vegas, which can be specially designed to aid upcoming fighters or struggling ones an opportunity to prove themselves.

We pride our-self being the most active, organized and democratic organization in MMATycoon. We are considered the only place one of the top organizations where you can find totally unbiased booking. We are not affiliated to any alliance, and we don’t book our personal fighters in events. We tend not to interfere in fighter development, meaning that we don’t fund private gyms or sponsor particular fighters to give unfair advantages, so there is no backstage backstabbing or favoritism in GAMMA. Fights are booked purely depending on hype levels and the ones top for the list get first priority in title fights and headline events.

To join GAMMA, you must first register on MMA Tycoon, then send a message to Mentor Guruland in the game, he will give you more information on how to PROPERLY set up your fighters stats and will hook you up with a gym and sponsor.