Climb aboard Starlink Airlines for some first class fun, in this fast paced time management game. The airline is having difficulties and the new proprietor wants to turn points around, so enlists the help of top flight attendant Claire to meet the demands of the challenging passengers. Help Claire as she hurries to meet the never ending list of requests and offers with challenging babies, cherished up couples, harried business execs, tense passengers, annoying kids and germ ridden travellers along the way. As the game progresses, help Claire work her way from economy to first class as she travels around the world, upgrading the planes and her skills on the way.

The cute graphics and girly storyline of First Class Flurry put this game solidly in the games for girls category, yet it is no pushover, some levels are extraordinarily hard. Even experienced time management game players may find themselves struggling to meet the minimum score to pass a level, much less reaching the expert score. The interactions are fun and at times complex – one of Claire’s main duties is to prepare food for the passengers with each sandwich for example taking 3 clicks to put together and most objects requiring multiple clicks. Claire also has to find lost items, return wandering kids to their seats, and ensure passenger’s requirements for personal comfort are met as well as prepare every person for the bouts of turbulence which occur from time to time. When turbulence hits Claire has to rush to warn the passengers, ensure all people is safely buckled in and sit down to ride it out. Every so typically the captain will appear, and his demands must be met immediately – when he is happy, the other passengers happiness levels will increase. Claire starts off her profession in economy class and works her way up to first class where passengers can be ultra-challenging. Game play is fun, although a little hectic at times, although the upgrade system does help to make issues easier. Becoming able to carry up to four goods at a time is a necessity for the more difficult levels as taking many journeys costs time. Measures can be chained with bonuses awarded for chaining a number of tasks.

The most annoying matter about First Class Flurry is the incapability to turn off the tutorial when a new character is created. Even experienced players have to sit through the tutorial levels which can be irritating. Also the game (“igre“) can become a wee bit repetitive at times; although the scenes change many of the actions remain the same. It would have been nice to see a little more variety in the actions between levels. Lastly, as time management games go, this one can be a bit too challenging at times, and lead to frustration at not being able to pass a level. Although this is in the games for girls category, younger players may struggle with the challenge at times.

Nevertheless, First Class Flurry is certainly one of the best games (“igre“) of its genre. It is fast paced, challenging and just a little bit kooky. Highly recommended.